Things change, we change, drawings change.

Vince goes through his notes from 20 years ago, to bring you the evolution of a comic strip character.

It happens with every comic strip – take a look at an early Peanuts, Garfield or Doonesbury – things change. The artist develops his or her style, things begin to flow better, or the artist simply doesn’t like the current stylistic direction, and starts anew.

Mort is no different, except for the fact that most of his changes occurred over a twenty-year period, all before he ever saw the light of day!

Here’s a look at all the major contenders for the look of Mort, from the childish to the more cultured:



Not exactly a shining example of artistic bravado. Yes, the first attempt looked as childish as the age of the creator!



Here’s a bit more of a conscious decision for style: some thicker lines, more angles and a simplified look.


New and Improved! Like Short Mort, only – taller. Also includes a V6 engine and power windows…



While this version is closer to the current version that made it to the website, the sharp angles of the jacket give him a look that reminds me of cricket from an early Warner Brothers cartoon.



Here’s the way mort started on the website. Why “so five minutes ago?” because this week already sports an updated version of Mort!



Here’s the current Mort. And yes, he’s still evolving, along with my studies and abilities.


This may make one ask the question, “why make changes in the first place?” after all, why not get it to where you like it, then start up a comic strip?

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I waited for just the right Mort or for my abilities to finally be up to the point that I would like them – Mort Monday would still be in a drawer in my desk, filed away in a yellow binder that said simply, “Mort.” Too often we think we’re just not ready, to the point of never being ready. If I didn’t start somewhere, I simply wouldn’t have started!

He may still be evolving, and I may still be learning – but now He’s actually out there for people to enjoy.

Hopefully, we’ll all grow together!

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