So, here’s the deal. I’m trying to improve this year. Why? Because I never finish anything. I start pretty well, then whatever project tends to taper off and quietly grind to a halt.

It’s an A.D.D. thing, I think. I either hyper-focus, or totally lose focus. Sometimes, things barely get started at all, and God forbid if some stupid thing grabs my attention on the Internet: Hours later, I find myself reading about growing roses on a NASA mission, when I simply wanted to check my email.

Add the fact that I am working for my Wife (she’s the main bread-winner at the moment), and things get pretty dicey. Her needed projects get pushed around in this maze of confusion called my mind.

So I must do better, get it together, be more organized, and trim the fat, focusing on the important things, so I can actually finish or continue projects, as well as get my Wife’s projects out the door.

To help in this great endeavor, I am now starting this journal. A new project to add to the pile, and confuse matters even more.

Sometimes, I’m utterly brilliant… =(

But, on the bright side, I’ll probably stop doing this in about a month… =)

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