I like spicy food. Always have.

You can tell me I can’t have French fries. You can tell me no more burgers. You can tell me no more pasta (and my family is Italian).

But if you tell me I can’t pour Tapatilo all over whatever food is left for me; I’m going to cry.

Serious. I’ll take Cholula over cheesecake, any day.

The latest thing I’ve found in my joyous investigation of all things spicy, is Sriracha Ketchup. Oh, yes. Now all burgers, fries, tater tots, anything you put ketchup on is now a haven of spicy.

Of course, if they tell me I can no longer HAVE burgers, fries or Tater Tots – I’ll have to work with whatever’s on the menu.

Yup, steamed rice with Sriracha. That’ll have to do.

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