Technical Nonsense

Technical Nonsense

The TechNonsense 2 Twenty-Third Anniversary A bunch of crazy kids got together in 1992 and did the impossible, and I thank them. I was back stage on opening night, waiting for everything to either begin, or abruptly end. This was not a tried and true play being...

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Spice Is Nice

I like spicy food. Always have. You can tell me I can't have French fries. You can tell me no more burgers. You can tell me no more pasta (and my family is Italian). But if you tell me I can't pour Tapatilo all over whatever food is left for me; I'm going to cry....

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The Little Engine That Couldn’t

So, here's the deal. I'm trying to improve this year. Why? Because I never finish anything. I start pretty well, then whatever project tends to taper off and quietly grind to a halt. It's an A.D.D. thing, I think. I either hyper-focus, or totally lose focus....

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