I wrote an email and sent it off to the magical [email protected] on September 13th, 2011

I doubt he ever read it – but the message was heart-felt, and truly sums up my experience with Apple – So I reprint it here as a public thank you.

I wrote an email and sent it off to the magical [email protected] on September 13th, 2011. It is rumored that Steve either read, or was informed of interesting comments or requests by whoever actually DID read the emails sent there. Since he had recently stepped down as CEO, I thought I would toss in my two-cents in hopes that it might get to the Big Man, himself.

Unfortunately, his death yesterday leads me to believe that he and his staff had bigger fish to fry than my simple thank you – but the message was heart-felt, and truly sums up my experience with Apple – So I thought re-printing it here could be my own public thank you to a person whose vision and drive has given me products that have inspired my own creativity in ways that I never imagined possible:

From: Vincent Hase
To:[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 12:38 PM
Subject: My iPad Is A Living Sheet Of Paper

Mr. Jobs –

I realize this is a monitored email address, but I’ll send some direct praise, anyway – perhaps it will get mentioned to you!

I’ve been an Apple person almost as long as there’s been an Apple – From my first II+ to the present (yes, even the ‘lean years’ when you weren’t around). I’m already well aware of the form and function of Apple products – it’s second nature to me. Perhaps you might even call me jaded: I know the products are good, and I don’t even think about it any more – I just enjoy.

Recently, however, I had an epiphany – and I am now doing something that I could NEVER have accomplished if it weren’t for Apple, your vision, and your team’s amazing ability to bring theses products to life.

My drawing ability is not the greatest – Never properly trained, never took the time to master the form. When I was in my twenties, I wrote copious notes for a comic strip that was dear to my heart. In fact, I had always wished that I could be a cartoonist – But I just couldn’t get it together. I’d spend so much time erasing that it wasn’t worth the effort. Even the computer couldn’t save me – I was more than proficient technically, being a web designer and audio/video guy, but still lacking in the ability to draw something out. Tablets didn’t work for me, either – I couldn’t get my thoughts into a decent drawing without a ton of struggle, and had long since gave upon the whole idea.

Time has passed, and I’m now in my forties. I was recently tinkering with an iPad drawing program (Art Studio), and it dawned on me – why not try to draw my comic with it? I pulled out my 25-year old notes for my comic strip, and gave it another go. I am TOTALLY comfortable drawing directly to the screen, and the ability to “undo” saves me hours of scrapping a paper drawing and starting all over again. Using the iPad in this way has made it a living piece of paper, allowing me to adjust at will.

I’m STILL not the greatest artist, but now there’s a new webcomic on the internet: Mort Monday (http://www.MortMonday.net). I’ve produced a new comic every Monday for the past two months. People are actually reading it, and I’m gaining fans on Facebook for a simple little guy drawn on my iPad.

If it weren’t for the iPad – the notes would still be in a drawer, collecting dust. I can literally say that if it weren’t for the iPad, this would have NEVER happened!

I don’t think any language can properly express my gratitude. I’ve always used Apple products and achieved great results (remember, practically jaded) – You’ve taken me over the top.

It’s a shame that all I can type is: Thank you.

– Vincent Hase
– Maple Falls, WA

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