Stick with it and you’re sure to finish.

A Google search for “5 tips on” will get you tons of articles. So I want to cash in on that traffic action. Read me, I’m an egotist.

A simple Google search (or Bing, I’m equal opportunity) for “5 tips on” will get you an abundance of articles, from study habits to better sex. An over-abundance, actually. This means that I need to write one immediately to cash in on this trend, and be certain that someone reads my work.

When reading this article, here are five tips to be certain that you finish, and finish well:

  1. Find a suitable environment for reading. Most would say a quiet room, or a well-lighted area. For my work, which is quite vacuous at times, you should probably settle for where you are right now, so that you don’t move on to another article.
  2. Don’t skim. My work is very important. Not only to me, but when you carefully read all of my words, you will find it very important to you as well. Despite my bravado, I am quite insecure, and need you to validate me by noting every comma and period.
  3. Re-Read for better understanding. It is not only important to read my work, but to read it again. There are often a great many deeper meanings (usually hidden between the lines), that will only become apparent if you read my work over and over. And over.
  4. Take notes. Especially when I am pontificating on higher-education, nuclear physics, or episodes of Mad Men, and how the last season kind of sucked. If nothing else, doodle while you are reading this to make me feel better about myself and my work.
  5. Be sure to finish. Follow through, and you will be rewarded. Often people stop reading my work half-way through, and they miss the free porn passwords at the end.

Follow these five simple tips above, and you will be able to read this article with confidence, and with greater understanding than ever before. More importantly to me, you will actually read it (see tip number 2).

Be sure to look for my next article, “5 Tips On How To Promote This Article Many Times, And Share It On All Of Your Social Networking Sites.

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